DVD Replication

DVD replicationDVD replication or DVD pressing is the production of DVDROMs and DVD video discs. Unlike duplication, this process involves the creation of a glass master, electroplating, molding, lacquering and several other highly involved and technical stages.

We can replicate DVD5 and DVD9 discs. A DVD5 can contain 4.7GB of content. This is about 2 hours and 10 minutes of DVD video content. A DVD9 can contain 8.5 GB of content which is up to 4 hours of DVD video content. At special request, we can also replicate DVD10 discs with a whopping 9.4GB but this format is not very popular. CSS and Macrovision copy protection is available however must be provided on the supplied masters.  Ask us about the accepted masters for replication. If you need any help with DVD authoring, let us know your requirements and we will prepare a separate quotation.

As with replicated CDs, offset (litho) and screen printing are available for onbody printing of the discs. Turnaround is typically 10 to 12 working days depending on the packaging requirements and the current production schedule.  If you need your discs faster, you can ask us to duplicate your DVDs instead.

Packaging your DVD  is important especially if your product is available for sale. The most common packaging is the DVD case with accompanying sleeve. We are seeing an increase in card products such as the DVD digipack, card wallets and sleevepaks.

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