DVD duplication

DVD duplicationSimilar to CD duplication, DVD duplication is copying (“burning”) content on DVD media. The most popular type of media used for duplication is DVD-R (minus R). DVD+R (plus R) is also available on request but is considered slightly less compatible with players than -R media. Experience has shaped our media selection and we use Grade A+ DVDs which have low error rates and very good longetivity. A standard single layer DVD will hold approx 4.7 GB of content which is usually enough for up to 2 hours of DVD Video content and tons of PDF, MP3 and other types of content.

As with CDs, if you need less than 500 units or need a turnaround of less than 10 working days, we recommend duplication instead of replication. We can typically print and duplicate an order of 500 units in 5 working days or less. Discs are available either with an offset or screen print or without print if required. A range of packaging options are available for the DVD including the DVD case and DVD sized digi-pack.

Please note that our minimum order quantity is 300 DVDs.