CD Replication

CD replicationCD replication or CD pressing is the production of CDs from polycarbonate material.  CDROM and CD Audio discs are created in this way. This process  is usually reserved for order quantities of 1000 units and above.  CD replication is carried out in a clean, controlled factory with advanced equipment. Discs which are replicated will look just like a commercial music CD that you would purchase at a high street store.

During the replication process, a glass master is created from the master you supply. We prefer CD-R masters but also accept ISO and DDP images.  The glass master is used to create stampers which in turn are used to “press” the copies from a polycarbonate material. The discs are then metallised, lacquered and printed either by a silkscreen or offset litho process.

Due to the number of highly specialised  steps involved, the replication process usually takes about 10 working days from start to delivery. We ask any clients who need a turnaround faster than this to consider CD duplication. A wide range of packaging products is available for orders over 1000 units. These include multi-panel digipacks, Profile-Packs, Slide-Packs, Double-Packs and Disc Box Sliders.