CD and DVD Printing

CD printingWe  offer two types of onbody CD and DVD printing: offset (litho) printing and screen printing. Printed  CD-R and DVD-R media can be supplied blank so you can copy your data when it is required or we can duplicate from your supplied master. We do not offer inkjet, thermal or paper labels for your discs.  Experience has taught us that not only do these methods have severe limitations in print quality but the longetivity of the print may also be affected. As always the media we supply is only Grade A+, so if you decide to order blank printed discs, you don’t need to worry about high failure rates or poor quality discs.

Litho printing is ideal for photographic images and designs which involve a large number of colours and/or effects such as gradients.  It is now the standard for all top quality CD printing and DVD printing jobs. Screen printing is ideal for designs with large blocks of colour, text or when specific Pantone (spot) colours are needed in your design.  An example of a screen printed disc is shown in the picture to the right.  When you send us your artwork, we can advise which process will achieve the best results for your CD or DVD.  Our turnaround is typically 4 working days from receipt of artwork.

We also have a great range of CD and DVD packaging available so take a look at our packaging gallery to view your options.