CD and DVD Packaging

CD packagingPackaging your CD or DVD successfully can make all the difference to the sales of your product.  We classify our packaging products as standard packaging , printed packaging and bespoke (custom) packaging. Standard packaging products include plastic wallets, paper wallets, standard and slim jewel cases, DVD cases, ejector cases and clam shells. All standard packaging can only be supplied when ordered with CDs and DVDs.

Plastic and paper wallets are the cheapest form of packaging available and widely used for discs which are not for sale and distributed internally. Standard jewel cases are the most common form of packaging for audio CD albums and the majority of musicians who place orders with us select this option. DVD cases are the industry standard packaging for commercial movie DVDs.  Ejector cases and clam shells are best for discs which need to be protected when posted and then double as storage. They can be screen printed with your logo on one or both sides. We can also supply circular and rectangular tins which can be screen printed or embossed.

Printed packaging products are typically made mostly or entirely out of card. These include card wallets, digipacks (both CD and DVD sized),  lancing packs, ProfilePacks, mailing solutions such as the MailPack and Postcard CD, SlidePacks and the DBS. Typically, most card packaging can be customised by adding matt or gloss lamination, embossing, die-cuts and adding additional panels.

Custom packaging can be both plastic or printed card packaging (or even wooden!). Please note that due to tooling charges, custom products are only available from quantities of 1000+ and probably usually cost effective from over 5000 units (especially for custom plastic products). An example is a vacuum formed DVD case which can hold 12+ discs.

If you have any questions about the options available to you, give us a call. Our portfolio of some CD packaging and DVD packaging produced over the years can be viewed here.