CD Duplication

CD duplicationThe term CD duplication is often used to describe the copying of content to any number of CDs.  Strictly speaking CD duplication means duplicating the content using CD burners much like the drives in your home computer. The equipment is typically several towers of drives in sets of 10 or more. This is usually only reasonable if you have a small quantity of CDs (less than 1000) or need a very fast turnaround which replication cannot accommodate.  The onbody print for duplicated  CDs is a screen or offset (litho) print depending on the supplied artwork.

When a client approaches us for a quote, we usually ask:

How many CDs do you need?

If you need less than 500 CDs, we recommend duplication.

How quickly do you need them?

If you need any quantity of discs in less than 7 working days, we recommend duplication.

Therefore if you need 1000 CDs in 5 days, duplication is the likely option. If you can stretch to 10 or more days, replication is the way to go.

Please note that our minimum order quantity is 300 CDs.