Card Wallets

Printed card wallets are one of the most popular forms of CD and DVD packaging. They were commonly seen housing the promotional CD or DVD in the weekend newspapers.  They are relatively inexpensive, especially in larger quantities.  They are lightweight so are great for mailouts or handouts and allow a good detail of graphics and information display.  For this reason, they are usually the first choice for bands. Litho printed wallets are typically a finished size of 125mm x 125mm and 250gsm. As standard, we offer  a gloss machine varnish. They are available with gloss and matt lamination which will incur additional charges.  The wallets can be shrinkwrapped to seal. We can offer printed card wallets from our minimum quantity of 300 units.  There are several variations of the card wallet such as the lancing pack (essentially a card wallet with an additional flap on the front), the Profile Pack and the Sleeve Pack.